Tuesday, 10 November 2020

Best Wood Flooring for Kitchens

 Lots of individuals have been scratching their heads and asking which is the very best hardwood flooring for kitchens. Several years before, this was a simple decision as a result of limited choices from the wood flooring industry. However, with so many flooring choices now, we know this may be an overwhelming choice.

How to choose Timber flooring for kitchen

There are many factors to consider when picking the perfect flooring for your kitchen, such as your budget, lifestyle or the style which you need to give to the space. However, the two main factors are: the visitors that your kitchen is expected to get and the ability of every floor to resist moisture and dampness damage.

Kitchens today aren't used just for cooking and using a lunch. More and more families are using their kitchen in precisely the same manner they'd use their living room, such as to gather with friends, or play board games with their kids. Thus, if you know that your kitchen will be heavily utilized, it's necessary to select something durable and at precisely the exact same time easy to keep.

Although different types of wood floors are made to endure heavy traffic, not all them are resistant to moisture. That's a significant element if you'd like to prevent harm from water that might be spilled onto the ground.

Engineered hardwood flooring for kitchen

Engineered wood flooring is most likely the best wood flooring option for a kitchen. It looks like a good wood flooring, but actually is more economical and much more resistant in regards to moisture and dampness damage.

The boards consist of multiple layers of fibreboard or plywood, all glued and warmth stitched together and then topped with a timber veneer layer. And this is exactly what makes a engineered timber flooring durable and ideal for kitchens. The layers that operate in opposite directions, provide extra strength, while making it impossible for the planks to swell or shrink whenever they come in contact with water.

Solid wood flooring for kitchen

Solid wood flooring from the other side consists of a classical and timeless element that can add extra value to your house, but is not the best option for a kitchen. Although it is best suitable for areas that are expected to receive high traffic, it is sensitive to moisture and is best to avoid as it tends to expand and contract with humidity and temperature fluctuations.

If you decide that you want a solid wood floor for your kitchen though, choose one that is factory finished with polyurethane.

Laminate flooring for kitchen

Laminate floors is another popular solution for a kitchen. Also for those who smoke after a meal, laminate flooring will be the ideal choice as it's resistant in regards into contact with cigarettes.

It is available in different styles and finishes and can be manufactured to have the look of almost everything. If you do not need to devote much time for cleaning and upkeep, then that is the type of floor you're looking for your kitchen.

Friday, 18 September 2020


Originating in Europe and Central Asia, and now grown in California, Walnut wood is still one of the very popular options for hardwood floors. The magnificent colour of this wood provides walnut flooring the luxury look that numerous homeowners seek. There are lots of advantages to choosing this kind of wood, so don't be put off by its relative softness compared to other timber types.

Adds Value

Among the biggest reasons to invest in walnut flooring, or any other type of hardwood flooring, would be the value it adds to your property -- both visually and financially. Thanks to its deep and luxurious color, it elevates the appearance of any room, which makes it a far more attractive option to buyers. Even if you're not currently looking to market or develop a property investment, walnut flooring will serve your house well as it is among the most timeless styles of hardwood floors. And it is this classic aesthetic that makes it such a rewarding investment since not only will your Walnut flooring add value to your house right now, but it will keep doing so a decade or so from now.

Comes in a Vast Variety of Unique Variations

The best thing about wood types like Walnut is there are many distinct variants to pick from to create the best flooring in your house. For a classic look, you may pick parquet walnut floors, that comes in tiny panels which are then ordered in a geometric, chevron or herringbone pattern in your flooring. For a more modern look, you can elect for broad planks rather to make a contemporary aesthetic. Besides various cuts of timber, you may even select from various tones as Walnut flooring comes in a variety of different colours that are rich.

Simple to Keep

Another reason that you should seriously think about investing in Walnut flooring for your home is the fact it is virtually maintenance-free. Like all hardwood floors, Walnut floors can easily last for decades with only minimal cleaning and time refinishing. This not only makes them a far more cost effective long term, say compared to carpeting, since it will outlast carpeting jelqing!

To help you find the Walnut floor of your dreams, here in Floor Sanding Stevenage, we offer a wide range of different colors of Walnut wood to choose from, all of which will age and stain beautifully. It's possible to browse the complete range on the site, or get in contact with us for a quotation.

Friday, 7 August 2020



The Dust-Free Refinishing Process

Whether You're sprucing up a new home by the Stevenage which you closed on; or you need to wash up the much-abused floors in your adolescent's old space now that she's moved outside to go to school, consider taking advantage of

We use an advanced technology called the Atomic Dust Containment System (DCS) from Bonakemi. We will walk you through the step-by-step of how and why this procedure is really useful. But before we do, let us think about who may need it.

If your floors are bowed, damaged, stained, intensely gauged, worn to the timber, or water damaged -- in other words, even if your issues go beyond a few nicks and scratches -- the BonaAtomic DCS procedure may be for you. Furthermore, if you or someone in your family is extremely allergic or sensitive to air pollution, the atomic DCS can keep your home air cleaner and healthy -- and stop moment dust particles from settling on your air ducts.

The basic concept is simple:

A strong vacuum sucks all the dust and debris created during the sanding out of your house and into a trailer out. In other words, the dust never gets an opportunity to linger, find its way into your air ducts, and then wend its way into your lungs and nose.

Here is the procedure, step-by-step.

During the first pass, we'll remove the old finish and also look after these nicks, gauges, along with other impurities. We use special techniques to sand down the borders.

Following these passes, we'll return and use fillers to eliminate any residual gouges, cracks,holes, etc.. We do yet another sanding overhaul. And then we add commercial complete (three coats) to ensure the utility and attractiveness of your freshly resanded floor.

In the end, if you want, we could apply a stain (waterborne or oil-based) that meets your home's aesthetic requirements.

If you would like a free estimate, join with us now online at www.stevenagefloorsanding.co.uk/ or call us for more information at 01438 420 435 .


Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Are Wood Floors Environmentally Friendly? The Answer May Surprise You!

Hardwood floors deplete woods, right? Wrong! This is a myth believed by many, but the facts say otherwise. Wood is a renewable resource and based on the USDA Forest Service, harvesting trees has"minimal ecological impact." And while it is true that it takes decades for a tree to grow, the stock planted today will not be needed for over 100 decades.

What are a few of the other environmental benefits of selecting hardwood flooring? Here are Only a couple:

Wood Is Carbon Neutral

Wood creates oxygen whenever it's rising and shops carbon throughout its service as timber for construction houses, or as furniture, flooring, etc.. Additionally, creation of hardwood floors induces minimal emission of carbon dioxide, also no more emission of different particulates that contribute to global warming like methane and carbon dioxide. What's more, hardwood flooring production uses less energy and water than is necessary to create different kinds of flooring.

Wood Floors Last Longer

According to the National Association of Home Builders, because hardwood floors could possibly last hundreds of years, it will not require replacing nearly as frequently as other flooring choices. Plus, in the end of its life, hardwood floors can be burnt for fuel or recycled into other helpful products.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is a lot better with hardwood floors. Who state that hardwood floors are still an"perfect selection for people suffering from asthma or allergies."

There are so many practical, environmentally sound reasons, apart from its heat and beauty, why hardwood floors is the number one flooring selection of homeowners.

Monday, 13 April 2020


For homeowners, there is no better investment than a hardwood floor. With the right care, it can increase the value of your house for a very long time to come. Regrettably, wooden floors are simple to damage.

The most common damage, scratching, occurs when you don't safeguard a wood floor from furniture. As amazing as your flooring and furniture are, together they can create some very unsightly scratches.

Fortunately, it's quite simple to protect your wood floors from furniture by following a few golden rules. Along with your floor will thank you for this.

Rule 1: Never push or haul furniture

With heavy pieces of furniture, it's easy to forget to lift when you are moving items while decorating or cleaning. It's often easier than enlisting some help, but it comes at a heavy cost: scuffing.

To assist you lift heavy furniture on wood floors to their new site. It may delay matters, but it is going to keep your wood floor safe from harm.

Rule 2: Establish an area rug

If you are unsure what to place beneath furniture on hardwood flooring, then think about a local rug.

This is a really effective response to the way to prevent furniture from scratching hardwood flooring.

Since all your furniture is set in addition to the area carpet, you are able to conserve hardwood floors and guard against scratching and scratching.

A large bonus of setting an area rug in the room is this protective measure can be simply sensible. Your area rug must reflect the type of your own room. It is a terrific way to inject some color into the area.

Employing a cushioning rug mat under your carpeting raises the protection. Before introducing this, make certain to check the mat material is qualified for use with a hardwood flooring. Otherwise, there might still be a danger of discoloration or scratches.

Rule 3: Dining chairs? Use felt pads for hardwood floors

We're frequently asked how to protect hardwood floors from scratches from the dining room. Make sure that, with your dining chairs, you use believed to protect hardwood flooring. These soft, felt pads, are particularly helpful for chairs situated on bare floor.

Introducing this protection to your seats means that seats can be transferred without denying the outside of your wooden floor.

Rule 4: Use furniture feet protectors

Obviously, it's not just your dining seats that cause scrapes and scuffs. A wide assortment of furniture feet protectors are available today.

Furniture pads and glider pads are two types of furniture feet guards. Wood floors benefit from these since they cushion the feet while raising the furniture slightly off the ground.

Furniture feet protection can be implemented in one of three ways.

Self-adhesive protectors tend to be made from felt or rubber and are often the cheapest alternative. The drawback of the easy-to-apply method is that they just do not last as long as the other two options.

Slip-on feet guards are normally made from rubber and last considerably longer. Simply slip it on a furniture leg and the wooden floor is protected. As great as this option is, the toes protectors may not be the most attractive alternative.

The most protected and longest-lasting, by far, are tap-on (nail-on) pads. Since they're connected to the furniture leg by means of a screw, there is a chance of scratching if not installed properly.

With a little bit of effort, you can create your own protective pads for furniture. All you will need is some old blankets or quilts and a pair of scissors. Cut to the size required and place under the furniture leg. This won't always have the'staying power' of shop-bought alternatives, but is an effective alternative for those with limited budgets. It is also the fastest fix for shielding your wooden flooring.

Measure 5: Assess your furniture feet frequently

Verify the feet of your furniture on a regular basis. Keep an eye out for rough edges on the foundation since these may result in scratches or gauges.

To deal with these, you'll require a sandpaper sheet. Sand softly until you achieve a smooth surface. If you've got a sanding tool, such as a mouse, you can use this to speed up things.

Rule 6: Place furniture on wheels

Wheels are a great way to create moving pieces of furniture a cinch. Entertainment cabinets are usually provided with wheels. But, even if they have not, fitting a pair is rather simple.

However, before you introduce furniture with wheels for your hardwood flooring, ensure the wheels will not leave a marker. Only choose rubber or ball wheels that have been given as non-marking.

Rule 7: Maintain your brakes

While wheels shield a hardwood floor from scratching, they need regular maintenance to keep them clean of debris and dirt. When sharp debris, like small rocks, get trapped in a wheel, then you're more likely to begin scratching develop whenever and wherever there is furniture movement. Routine cleaning and checks are the only way to prevent this from happening.

Rule 8: Stay aware

Our final rule is possibly the most significant of all of them.

While there are lots of ways of protecting your floor, they're just as effective as the person monitoring them.

Adopting a proactive approach to the treatment of your hardware floor can pay dividends. Plus, it's the sole surefire means to make certain your hardwood flooring look as great on Day 1 as Day 10,000.

As is frequently the case, prevention is much easier than the cure. In this case, however, it's also faster and cheaper, too.

Thursday, 19 December 2019

Engineered Parquet Flooring And Under Floor Heating

Under floor heating is a popular option nowadays, with more and more people needing to free up wall space and enjoy more flexibility on the way furnishings are laid out. Whenever you don't have to work around radiators, you soon discover that rooms look bigger and your furniture design possibilities seem endless. These are some of the best reasons that an increasing number of people are opting for under floor heating. But you might be forgiven for thinking that under floor heating might restrict your floors choices. The fantastic thing is that with wood flooring this needn't be the situation.

In fact, in Floor Sanding Stevenage we have a great assortment of engineered parquet flooring that can let you do exactly that. So that you are able to stay warm under foot (and all around) AND enjoy the parquet floors you desire. Within this article we'll explain how it's possible and give you some great tips which you can select and have delivered sooner than you might imagine.

At Floor Sanding Stevenage we have sourced engineered parquet floors which arrives at a extensive selection of finishes and colors, meaning that even with under floor heatingsystem, your options won't be restricted. In this guide, we will share with you the way this kind of wood flooring may operate over under floor heating in addition to sharing some cases that we've seen installed which seem absolutely fabulous.

Engineered parquet floors is created from bonding together layers of ply to make a strong and secure center board. Then, in addition to this core plank, the good wood is put in a parquet layout. Does this create engineered parquet flooring fast and easy to place, it usually means you could fit it securely and cheaply over under floor heating.

At We think this is the best board depth to make certain the heat is allowed to diffuse through your floor and in exactly the exact same time the planks won't suffer any harm because of the changes in temperature and moisture levels resulting from the heating up and cooling from your system.

When you match engineered parquet floors over under floor heating we also suggest that you opt for a glue down approach to setup. This manner of fitting your flooring enables the flooring to expand and contract if temperatures rise and drop, as a result of the versatility of this adhesive. Additionally, it will help decrease the danger of pockets.
Here are some Superb examples

Unfinished. This unfinished engineered parquet floor gives you complete flexibility and may be
safely fitted under floor heating. Additionally, it suggests you don't need to worry about selecting the correct finish before you put in your flooring, since you'll have the ability to see it set up before you make your final decision. Not the option for everyone, if you're in any doubt, this option is a great solution.

Light Colored . If you would like to brighten up a gloomy room in which you have under floor heating, then this bright white alternative is right for you!

Natural color . This organic, honey colored engineered walnut parquet flooring will offer a good looking background in almost any room in the house.

Grey floors is extremely popular at this time and it's easy to see why. Less of a large decision than vivid white or jet black, it truly is a terrific, and super trendy alternative.

Dark flooring again are in large demand, especially if they've a reclaimed or outdated appearance and this dark smoked alternative is the perfect example!

Out of the ordinary. This mild smoked engineered parquet floor has been lightly smoked and brushed until being UV oiled, which gives it a very odd appearance.

So there you have it, a few fantastic engineered parquet flooring solutions which you can confidently match over under floor heating. Regardless of what type of look you are hoping to accomplish, you can have it with these alternatives and you could have your flooring project under way earlier than you imagine. All you have to do is place your order today and sit back and wait for the delivery van to flip up!

Friday, 15 November 2019

Wide Plank Oak Worktops For Natural Rich And Warm Look

Wide plank solid oak worktops are charm and class wrapped into one. There are really so many worktop options in the marketplace now, you'd be forgiven for feeling a tad confused if you're in the process of re-doing your kitchen. Perhaps you're considering marble, granite, stainless steel or rock? The amount of alternatives available today can actually make your head spin. But, 1 worktop alternative that's been in existence for decades, if not centuries, and that hasn't gone out of fashion is wide plank pine worktops. Why is this?

There are any number of reasons why walnut worktops have stood the test of time, but the primary ones would be their great looks, their practicality, their long life and their worth. Within this guide we will discuss some great choices with you that will hopefully inspire you and help you make your choice. Irrespective of whether you are simply updating an existing kitchen or you are going all-out and re-doing the hub of your home from the bottom up, there truly is something for everyone within this range.

An Economical and great looking Alternative

The first is that this complete stave select oak worktop that's only just a couple of pence over #100 to get a 2.5 meter span. Though this choice is now on offer with a 30% discount on its previous cost, this really is a solution that's fantastic for anybody who does not need to commit a fortune but needs a consequence that seems as though they have. This worktop seems fantastic, whether or not you mix it with cutting edge, contemporary units or more conventional kitchen styling.

A midsize magnificent option that will be the envy of everybody

This complete stave pastoral American oak worktop is not bargain basement, but is certain to offer you a fantastic return on investment. If you're trying to find a wooden worktop that will look great on day 1 of its setup in addition to magnificent after years and years of usage, you won't go wrong here. This mild blonde solution is filled with charm and character and oozes class to boot. A strong and resilient solution, this can change any kitchen at almost any size of the home.

Top of This range Charm and Elegance

This dark complete stave premium walnut thermowood worktop is actually your crème de la crème of wooden worktops. As at home in a lowly abode since it's in a stately area, this worktop will require any kitchen into a entirely new level. If you are tasked with replacing your whole kitchen or just re-looking your components by topping them off with a statement bit worktop, this option would fit both choices to a tee. It provides a completely new look to the easiest of kitchens, even by including a sense of luxury, class and style. Test it out for your self and find out what you believe.

So as you can see, wide plank oak worktops truly are a terrific way to deliver a completely different look and feel to your kitchen, with or without involving significant investment. No matter whether you're renovating a property for re-sale or producing the home of your dreams for the rest of your life, there is a solution to match. And at Floor Sanding Stevenage We're committed to helping you find the ideal solution for you and your unique situation.